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Top 3 tips to stop getting bird nests when casting

Top 3 tips to stop getting bird nests when casting

One of the biggest problems that beginners find with baitcasters is that they suffer from backlashes which creates a large entanglement on the line - because of its appearance these are often referred to as birds nests.

There are many factors that determine how well you cast and the underlying cause of getting bird nests is when the spool continues to spin when the lure hits the water. Quite simply, you want the spool to stop and while you will learn this with experience, there are a number of things you can do to prevent it this from happening;

1. Learn to stop the spool with your thumb

It is important to learn how to cast properly as this is the most common cause of backlash. You can practice casting in a field or other large area and dont need to be where there is water. You should start by making sure that the tension is set so that when the lure hits the ground, the spool turns no more than a quarter turn. After casting, keep your thumb on the spool as a guide, but not so you are slowing it down and when the lure hits the ground, stop the spool by pressing down on it.

2. Buy a reel you are comfortable with

Good thumb control is highly important so you should take some time to buy a good quality baitcasting reel. A higher price doesnt always mean better and ergonomics will play an important part in your decision. Once you master how to cast, you can then look into other features that are available.

3. Keep the rod level after you cast

After casting, you should keep the rod tip pointing in the trajectory that the lure is following; if you drop the tip before or when the lure hits the water then you might find that extra line is being spooled off, even though the lure has stopped. This can also cause bird nests. This can also happen if you have too much movement in your wrist after casting.

Using a baitcasting reel is a fun and rewarding experience and with a little bit of practice, you can easily overcome the problem of backlash when casting. You shouldn't let this put you off and these 3 tips should serve as a good starting point.

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